ServiceAlliances – Remote Services Resourcing

ServiceAlliances Primed for Growth Thanks to New Remote Services Resourcing Scottsdale, Arizona     ServiceAlliances officially opens for business with its “remote services resourcing” and business process outsourcing for contact centers, small & medium organizations, as well as a crowdsourcing platform for larger projects. Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona and also in […]

The Reality of Service Culture

The Reality of Service Culture By Christine Hill Hobbi In today’s competitive arena, organizational culture is not just a topic for company executives. Organizational culture influences every division and department, every executive and every employee. To understand why, we simply need to ask “What is organizational culture?” Organizational culture is […]

Things To Start Doing

    Business professionals deal with information overload on a daily and even hourly basis.  Sifting through and prioritizing what is most important can be an arduous task. Engaged team members are looking for ways to constantly improve their value. In our teambuilding workshops, the facilitators ask participants at the […]

What to do when service delivery goes wrong…

What to do when service delivery goes wrong… Service delivery hiccups happen to even the most proactive and customer centric of companies.  When a service problem occurs, a speedy response can impress customers and keep them coming back.  So whenever those occasional and unanticipated customer challenges surface, follow the six […]

Value Perception

Value Perception  The Value Search is on—are you producing it? Our fast pace society, the challenging economy and daily job stresses are external elements over which we have little control. So what do we have control over? It is important to communicate the value that we bring to the customer. […]

Customer Touch Points

Customer Touch Points  Providing top-notch service is a continuous process that requires constant vigilance. Each time your customer experiences service from your organization, that customer forms an opinion of your services. This is called a Customer Touch Point. Touch Points can begin before your customer even sets foot in your […]

Achieving Accountability in Service Organizations

Achieving Accountability in Service Organizations By Christine Hill Imagine if the engineers who were responsible for Apollo 13 just stood around waiting for someone else to do something when they heard those immortal words, “Houston, we have a problem”? No way! Everyone was scrambling to find a way to bring […]

The Elements of Collective Ambition

The Elements of Collective Ambition By Christine Hill Some companies come through hard times stronger than ever. How do they do it? They do not focus only on one goal (for example: profits or engagement). Instead, they form a shared sense of purpose. As referenced in last week’s article, a […]