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ServiceAlliances is about more than making money. It is about connecting supporters to something that matters and has a great impact on the World.


ServiceAlliances’ is based in the U.S. to make its business/client connections but… its professional team is in Palestine. The work and projects are done in Palestine. A majority of the projects are done by empowered women professionals. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (, the rate of unemployment among women in Palestine who have completed at least 13 years of schooling is 42%. Social, cultural and political challenges are among the biggest obstacles facing Palestinian women to engage in economic life.

Palestine has a tech-savvy young population, proficient in English and with a 35 percent Facebook penetration, in addition to the high number of underemployed and unemployed skilled women which offer a valuable source of workforce. The web has made the possibility of work real for these young, capable professionals.

We guarantee and can provide more information about the security and confidentiality of your information/data. By hiring/working with ServiceAlliances, YOU are tapping into something real and something that matters.

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