Customer Touch Points

Customer Touch Points

 Providing top-notch service is a continuous process that requires constant vigilance. Each time your customer experiences service from your organization, that customer forms an opinion of your services. This is called a Customer Touch Point.

Touch Points can begin before your customer even sets foot in your facility. Think of your own experience of going to a movie. 1) You may buy the tickets online before going to the theatre.  2) You drive into the theatre parking lot. 3) You may buy tickets at the window. 4) You buy snacks from the concession stand….and on and on. Each one of these experiences is a customer touch point—an opportunity to fail, meet or exceed your expectations.

Since each touch point is an opportunity to produce either a negative or positive response from the customer, it is vital to your service strategy to anticipate these in advance. At each touch point the customer has with your organization—-Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What would fail the customer’s expectations at this touch point?
  2. What would meet the customer’s expectations at this touch point?
  3. What would exceed the customer’s expectations at this touch point?

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