What to do when service delivery goes wrong…

b4What to do when service delivery goes wrong…

Service delivery hiccups happen to even the most proactive and customer centric of companies.  When a service problem occurs, a speedy response can impress customers and keep them coming back.  So whenever those occasional and unanticipated customer challenges surface, follow the six elements of service recovery.
Six Elements of Service Recovery

  1. Let them vent – Allow customers to get everything off their chests.  This will make them feel better, and gives the service provider a chance to think about an appropriate response.
  2. Apologize – Offer a sincere apology.  Remember an apology is not the same as admitting guilt or taking blame.  The power of an apology is that it expresses empathy for the customer’s situation.
  3. Provide Options – If possible, give the customer at least two choices for a possible solution.  This will make the customer feel in control of the situation’s outcome.
  4. Ask for suggestions – Ask customers how they would like to see the situation resolved.  They may even have an option you have not thought of yet.
  5. Take action -Take the corrective action as quickly as possible.  This demonstrates sincere concern for the customer.

Consider a goodwill gesture – This does not need to be monetary.  It can be something as simple as a follow up note or telephone call.



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