Effective Learning & Meeting Solutions


Instructional Design

  1. Customized for technical or soft skills
  2. Facilitator-guided OR online (traditional or mixed reality)
  3. Real-time or on your own time

Other Organizational Development Solutions

…training is not always the answer

Global Consulting

Organizational Assessments

Processes & Procedures

Localization in U.S. and MENA Region

Leadership Coaching

Certified HR Solutions

Job Analysis

Job Descriptions


Action/Process Mapping & Optimization

Employee Handbooks

COVID Readiness

Active Shooter Readiness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting

Is your organization ready for it?

How can it benefit your industry/organization?

Need help scrubbing or feeding data?

(We have a workforce that can help)

General consulting on AI


Leadership/C Suite



Sales/Customer Service

Personal/Professional Development

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Customized Training Programs

In Person & Online Training

Emerging Technologies: XR, VR, AR for Training and Meeting Alternatives